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What is a Doula?

Lots of people ask ” What is a Doula?”

Doula is Greek for Woman Servant. That describes it very well. A Doula’s purpose is to educate and support the mother and partner through labor and delivery. In a Doula’s training we are taught about nutrition, breathing techniques, relaxation techniques, different positions to progress labor and pain management. Most Doula’s are used for a natural delivery but, Doula’s can be helpful in in delivery situation. Doula’s DO NOT check the woman’s cervix, blood pressure, pulse, babies pulse, or give medical advice. We are here to support you emotionally and mentally. Most of the advice I give you is what I have learned and have been told works best from doctors, nurses, other women’s experiences and other Doula’s. I do however always encourage you to ask or check with your doctor to make sure something is safe like, over the counter medications, and certain activities. When it comes to nutrition I have advice but again always ask your doctor to make sure that is okay.

When in doubt never hesitate to give your doula or doctor a call/email/text!

-Jynna Harvey


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