-Here to help you through this exciting time !

My Services

As a Doula, I assist you and your partner in labor and delivery, emotionally and mentally.

To help us achieve a relationship, and to make sure your labor goes the way you and your partner want planned, I like to have at least 1-2 Prenatal appointments.


First Appointment– ( 32-33 weeks)Get to know each other! This is where I tell you about myself, and you tell me about yourselves. I also, learn how to get to your house, and how long it takes, so that when you call me when you are in labor and are ready for me to arrive I know how to get there as fast as I can in a safe manner. I will have a few handouts for you at this appointment. The first one is a questionnaire about your pregnancy, how things are going and how the baby is doing. The second handout is your birth plan, unless you already have one ready for me (: ! I will help you put one together, and this will be a time to let me know what you really want and don’t want. The third handout will be an agreement of services, telling you what I can and can’t do , and also the price of my service and dates when the payments are due.


Second Appointment-(34-36 weeks) At this appointment we will go over breathing techniques that you may know or don’t know. I will also have you fill out, or I will write down things that help you relax, and things that don’t (: I will give you some relaxation techniques and massage tips for your partner. I will also help you practice some positions for labor, and to help prepare you for delivery. I will also give you a list of what I suggest you bring and pack for the hospital. I encourage woman to bring a pillow from home, and anything else that your hospital will allow you so that you feel comfortable and “at home “, this will help you relax. Also, at this appointment, I will give you a handout of when to call me when labor has started. If you are still unsure when to call me or scared or hesitant , don’t be afraid to call me at any hour of the day, I am prepared to leave, and to answer your questions.


After the Prenatal appointments, I would like you to email, or text me after your appointments to let me know how things are progressing. This well help me be more prepared for your delivery.


After Delivery-  This can work two ways, and I like the mother or partner to make a decision. I can either stay with you for an hour after the birth to make sure you are alright and if you need any help with the baby, as well as answer questions about taking him or her home, and if you are breastfeeding helping you achieve a great bond ! The second option is for me to come the next day and check on you. Some parents like to have time right away with just them and the baby and I completely understand and respect that ! So that’s why I always give the option of coming the next day !


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