-Here to help you through this exciting time !


My name is Jynna Harvey and I live in Davison,MI. I am originally from Bellevue, Washington but grew up between Florida and West Branch, MI

Ever since I was a little kid, I wanted to help people. At a younger age I wanted to be a doctor, then a anesthesiologist, then a nurse, then a midwife and now a Doula! I think if you ask my friends and family they will say this is the perfect job for me. I love babies and even more I love helping people and being there for them through this exciting time. When I saw a woman give birth for the first time I was completely amazed ! I was speechless, didn’t know what to say. I thought that it would be interesting but had a fear I would be traumatized ( Ha! ) , I loved it ! It’s a rush of adrenaline for me, but also calming which some may think is weird when it is sometimes a stressful situation, but my job is to calm the mother and partner down. I have no room or right to be stressed, I am there to make sure the mother has the most relaxing,stress free labor and birth !!


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